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Youth Employment Program


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Information For Employers

Our network of community partners benefit from the following:

Fewer dollars spent on recruitment, training, and hiring of staff: Our team of Employment Specialists builds relationships with employers to identify what is important to each company.  After taking time to learn what types of employees are successful in a certain role, Employment Specialists can make a dependable match. These services are provided to the employer at no cost and save the employer valuable time filtering out applicants and conducting interviews. 


Support with job-performance, if needed: We take pride in what we do, and it is important to us that both the job-seeker and employer are pleased with the placement.  If a client or employer feels additional support or training is needed for the new employee to excel at work, our staff can provide either on-site or off-site support to further develop job-skills. 


Helping make Sitka an even better place: Providing opportunities to young Sitkans can foster their independence, connection to the community, and the community’s connection to your business. Investing in these young job seekers is an investment in the future of Sitka. 


Interested in joining our network of community partners? 

Contact us at

Youth Run Business

The goal of the Youth Run Business program is to improve outcomes for youth 16-21 by supporting them in developing job-related skills and in transitioning to employment or post-secondary education programs.  We work closely with Sitka School District, Alaska's Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and Sitka's Job Center to provide these services.  

Our Youth Employment Program specializes in assistance with resume building, job seeking, and more! These services are offered to youth ages 14-21.

Information For Youth

Employment specialists are offered by YAS to build relationships with job seekers and community partners to empower youth to pursue independent living in a way unique to their strengths, interests, and goals. In this program, clients will benefit from:

  • Resume building and interview preparation 

  • How to manage and budget income

  • Support with schoolwork and GED as needed in relationship to the intended career path

  • Ongoing support up to 1 year after matched with a job 

  • Support with work-related expenses (uniforms, certifications, bus passes, etc.)

  • Access to long-term bike rentals 

  • Flexible meeting times, with available telehealth options to those interested

Exploring Post-Secondary Options: 


These services are a good fit for individuals looking for additional resources and support exploring the many options and opportunities available after high school.  These services include connections to internships, volunteer opportunities, on-the-job training & apprenticeships, 2 & 4-year colleges, and certification tracks.

Program Eligibility:

Youth ages 14-21 are eligible to receive these services.  All clients receive a Comprehensive Mental Health Intake Assessment. Youth who are not currently clients at YAS and are determined to not have significant mental/behavioral health needs, or who are currently seeing another Licensed Mental Health Clinician may be eligible for a reduced amount of clinical visits.  For more information on enrolling, contact Kristen at


The three components of this program are: ​

Job Skills Education

We conduct formal and informal classroom instruction where we support young adults to develop skills necessary for finding and securing employment.  Topics include Futures Planning, personal goal setting, networking, resume building, job searching, filling out job applications, financial literacy, appropriate work attire, and interviewing among others.  We also focus on "soft skills" that were identified by local businesses as important for entry-level employees to possess such as work ethic, time management, and responsibility.  Students can earn academic credit toward high school graduation or GED requirements for successful completion of this class.

Work Experience

We assist youth to develop work experience through internships with local businesses which we help them arrange. Our own Youth Run Business is a mobile smoothie and coffee truck. Youth will be supported by a YAS Skills Trainer while they work and earn vocational credit as well as a stipend.  The skills that they will develop in the Youth Run Business include interpersonal skills, time management, customer service, and money handling.  The Youth Run Business will provide the opportunity for youth to gain real work experience which they can add to their resume and build upon in the future.  


Transition Services

Our Skills Trainers help connect youth with mainstream workforce and/or other post-secondary opportunities.  They support youth in their job search, building a resume, submitting applications, preparing for interviews, and other skills necessary for finding employment.  If applicable, they refer youth to external organizations and services that will aid youth in finding employment.  Once a youth has obtained employment, the youth’s treatment team coordinates services and interventions to support the youth in maintaining employment.

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