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Therapeutic Foster Care


Our Therapeutic Foster Care program is a state licensed child placement program for youth ages 5-21.


Resource parents provide: 

  • A safe, nurturing, and supportive home environment

  • Structured activities & daily routines

  • Academic & behavioral support

  • Individualized care

  • Basic needs

  • Transportation

  • Access to medical services

Youth Advocates of Sitka provides: 

  • Training and support

  • Regular access to staff and monthly potluck support group

  • 24 hour on-call crisis support

  • Daily stipend

  • Support through the licensing process

  • Information on youth prior to placement to ensure the best fit for youth and Resource Parents


Q. Who can become a Resource Parent?


A. Resource Parents are committed to caring for and making a positive difference in someone's life.  They do not conform to any standard profile.  They represent a wide range of backgrounds and skill levels.  They may be stay-at-home parent(s), empty nesters, retirees, social services professionals, etc.  Resource Parents may be married or single, men or women, and represent a wide range of ethnicities and religions.

Q. What kind of background do the youth have?


A. The youth we serve come from all walks of life.  Some may have medical, emotional, or behavioral challenges, while others may have experienced abuse or neglect at some point in their lives.  Like all people, it is essential that they have a warm, caring home where they can feel safe, valued, and loved.

Q. What kinds of care are Resource Parents responsible for?


A. Resource Parents provide specific care that is outlined by the child's treatment team.  Resource Parents are also responsible for basic home care and related responsibilities to each child.  This includes providing nutritious meals, transportation to school and all appointments and recreational activities, and supervision appropriate to the child's age.

Q. Can I have a job as a Resource Parent?


A. Yes.  Resource Parents will make a plan for supervision of the youth while the Resource Parent is at work.

Q. What are Resource Parents responsible for buying?


A. Resource Parents are responsible for providing nutritious meals and snacks, basic personal care and hygiene supplies, clothing, linens, bedding, and a sleeping area with a place for personal items.  Resource Parents receive a daily stipend to assist in covering these expenses.

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