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Community Mental Health

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The Community Mental Health program consists of outpatient and school-based treatment with accompanying mental health and rehabilitative services.  This program supports Alaska's youth through community collaborations and is available to students at all Sitka School District schools as well as the SEER School and Mt. Edgecumbe High School.  


Program Goals: 

  • Provide integrated treatment through community coalitions

  • Provide support across the spectrum of behavioral health services such as:

Psychiatric consultation, psychological testing, treatment team meetings, functional assessments, case management, skills development for individuals, groups, and families, therapy focused on individual, group, and family dynamics, and comprehensive behavioral health assessment.


  • Provide consistent, supportive, therapeutic services to empower the youth to grow into healthy, happy, and productive members of our community.


For potential clients, eligibility for various services is contingent upon the Clinician’s assessment of what services are appropriate. All clients receive a Comprehensive Mental Health Intake Assessment. For children and youth who have significant mental and/or behavioral health issues that are impeding their ability to function successfully in a school setting, school-based services and support through Youth Advocates of Sitka may be appropriate. These services are provided to students and families regardless of whether they are Medicaid eligible. 

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